Rub A Dub Dub

Searching for the perfect gift for all those shower singers, bubble bath takers, and potty pooers, look no further we have all things soaps and Sudksi.

Spice up your bath experience with some bath confetti or have a laugh whilst using some of our hilarious bars of soap.

Although spice is usually the reason most people end up on the toilet why restrict it to that when you can add some excitement to your bathroom and get a laugh out of your guests with some classic personalised Trump toilet paper.

Here at Gyrofish we have a carefully curated variety of options for every shower goer. Need somewhere to hold your razors....pfft easy what else? A beer maybe...we do that too! We've even gone as far as to provide you with something to catch those pesky beard hairs because let's be real that is the last thing anyone wants to clean up when it's time to clean the bathrooms.