Inappropriate Gifts

Why give a thoughtful gift, when you can give the gift of inappropriateness. If you’re after a gift that is sure to push the boundaries, provide a good belly laugh or border on the offensive, then you’ve come to the right place.

No f**cks given here please! The team at Gyrofish has curated some of the most improper gifts you can find. From 'Sex Fortune Tarot Cards' to predict your night through to some ‘Welcome To The Shit Show’ hand sanitiser, you’ll surely find something for even the least classy person you know.

So who is the ideal recipient of one of our amazing inappropriate gifts? Why everyone of course! Risque socks for an inappropriate uncle. Trump toilet paper for the politically incorrect. Grow Some Balls for your shy, quiet bestie. A wine bottle holding alcohol flask from Alcoholder, for the friend who loves a vino on the sly.

Don’t be scared to push the boundaries. Be bold, be brave and give a truly unique gift of inappropriateness.